Remote Instruction: Pedagogical Supports for Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Practices

This collection contains a set of resources designed and curated to support teachers in engaging in remote instruction in culturally responsive and sustaining ways. They are intended to serve as guidance and not a central mandate. Schools should utilize these resources in ways that best serve the school community.  Consider this resource to support professional learning on racism and civic education.

These resources are designed to support teachers in three major areas:  

  1. Building and sustaining meaningful relationships with students and families in the remote instruction context 
  2. Establishing a welcoming and affirming remote learning environment
  3. Designing and implementing remote instruction aligned to key principles of culturally responsive and sustaining education

Consider this collection to support classroom discussions on racism and civic education.

Included Resources

These resources support teachers in fostering positive partnerships with the families of our most marginalized students, including Black Indigenous Students of Color and students belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community. Each resource helps teachers ground the development of these partnerships in critical love, centering on humanity, and through the len...

This collection contains professional learning resources to support teachers in validating and affirming students’ identities, perspectives, and experiences; developing critical consciousness to create student agency; and in caring for students in culturally responsive ways.

Consider this resource to support professional learning on racism and civ...

This collection contains resources that support educators in developing project-based learning experiences and supporting students transition from being dependent learners to independent thinkers. Additionally, the CRS Pedagogies collection provides reflection questions for educators to use to help them enact a critical lens while choosing from the...