Building partnerships with families and students

These resources support teachers in fostering positive partnerships with the families of our most marginalized students, including Black Indigenous Students of Color and students belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community. Each resource helps teachers ground the development of these partnerships in critical love, centering on humanity, and through the lens of the Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education (CRSE) framework. Teachers will be engaged in critical reflection of their mindsets, identities, and pedagogical practices to identify areas that need to be shifted based on the communities they serve during instruction. Also, teachers will be engaged in building community with parents in ways that position that parent as a thought partner, co-learner, co-teacher that brings cultural wealth and assets to their students learning experience during instruction.

Consider this resource to support professional learning on racism and civic education.

Included Resources

This self-reflection resource helps teachers see and feel how their beliefs and values impact the well-being of their students. It also helps them self-reflect in service of shifting practice.

In this self-guided professional learning activity, educators have the opportunity to reflect on what it means to sustain the lifeways of communities they serve, and begin to plan in service of shifting toward practices that facilitate community accountability.

In this professional learning activity, participants will have an opportunity to build knowledge around the facets, layers and dimensions of culture. Participants will also have an opportunity to reflect on ways to incorporate and shift practices that recognize and honor the cultural and community brilliance Black Indigenous Students of Color (BISOC) bring to the learning space.

In this self-guided professional learning activity, educators have the opportunity to:

  • identify how deficit ideology around families and communities of color might be perpetuated
  • begin to reflect in service of shifting toward practices that recognize and honor the community cultural wealth of families and communities they serve.

This reflection resource guides teachers in the development of remote partnerships with Black Indigenous Families of Color. Teachers are encouraged to use this document as a tool to reflect on practices and methods of communication with Black Indigenous Families of Color.

This resource provides opportunities for educators to reflect on how they are communicating and engaging with families through a reflection of Component 4c of the Danielson Framework for Teaching. Included in this resource are suggested strategies for you to implement into your classroom.

This professional learning reflection tool is aligned to the guiding question: During this remote learning experience, what have been the shifts in your work with Black Indigenous Families of Color to gather insight into their cultures, goals, and learning preferences? This document creates a space and invites reflection for teachers to think about how they are partnering with families during this remote instruction period. The hope is that as teachers are reading the document and participating in the activities that they will gain insight to the mindsets, practices, and beliefs necessary to effectively and intentionally meet the needs of Families of Color.