EdTech tools for teachers

Interested in incorporating educational technology into your classroom? Whether you're a flipped classroom expert or just getting the hang of using Google, there are tools to help you save time, stay organized, differentiate your instruction, and increase student engagement.

This collection is a work in progress; the list will grow as we continue to test out new products. To start, find

  • tools designed to help teachers and students enhance, publish and share work
  • tools to increase students' communication skills by using and creating podcasts and screencasts
  • databases that offer high quality, leveled texts for students, for free. 

Enjoy! And stay tuned...

Please note that the files in this collection cannot be downloaded from WeTeachNYC because they link out to an external site.

Included Resources

These websites offer free articles, books or texts on a variety of topics for different reading levels. Many of these sites include discussion questions, writing prompts and other features to help students access the texts and ensure they understand what they're reading.  The resources are all free to use but many require teachers to create an acco...

These resources can be used to create digital lessons from your own content as well as resources you find online. Teachers can compile all the resources necessary for extended lessons or projects into one "hub," which may help keep students organized and encourage them to work independently. Some of these tools enable teachers to track student enga...

These resources can be used to inspire students to write and publish their work in multiple formats.

Teachers can create and enhance videos with these tools. Add comments, open ended questions, embed voiceover and more to adapt videos for your students. Also included in this collection is a resource with some strategies for using video in the classroom. 

These tools enable students and teachers to create images, infographics and other visuals for use in presentations, posters, flyers and other projects. 

These resources are for educators interested in using, creating and sharing audio recordings and screen captures. 

These resources can be used to edit photographs and images. 

The basic idea behind a flipped classroom is that students have opportunities to gain exposure to new content outside of the classroom, so the teacher can focus on higher level, more interactive learning activities during class. The resources shared here explain the basics and offer teachers strategies to get started and/or resources to enhance you...

This document shares links to the collections of resources curated for WeTeachNYC’s EdTech tools for teachers collections.