Vision for School Improvement

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Every day, we work together to ensure that all our students will be ready for the next stage of their education and, ultimately, for college, a career, and a future as a productive adult. Until all our students are on track to succeed, our work must be centered on school improvement through continuous learning. To do this well, we must have the courage to address problems, make adjustments, and create solutions, as well as take time to reflect and revise our thinking. 

A Vision for School Improvement: Applying the Framework for Great Schools highlights a process for schools to engage in as they embed the Framework for Great Schools into ongoing cycles of learning in support of the growth and success of all students.


Resources for Applying the Framework for Great Schools 

Alignment across the NYCDOE: Linking Each Element of the Framework for Great Schools to NYCDOE Measures and Resources (with facilitation guide)

Research Brief: Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons from Chicago (with facilitation guide

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Research Brief: Learning to Improve: How America's Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better (with facilitation guide

Case Studies of NYC Schools: Snapshots of practice in schools (with facilitation guide)

Planning ideas for pairing professional learning activities for full or half-day professional learning

Step 1

As a community, develop a shared understanding of the Framework for Great Schools
Use this Activity to:
Exploring the Vision

Get to know the Vision with your school community

Exploring the Framework for Great Schools

Get to know the elements of the Framework

Reflect on school strengths and areas of growth

Exploring the research behind the Framework for Great Schools

Deepen understanding of the Framework

Connect the Framework to its research foundations

Guiding questions for step 1: Looking at current practice toward a shared understanding of the Framework

Get to know the elements of the Framework

Explore the interplay among the elements of the Framework

Connecting the Framework to Case Studies

Explore real examples of the Framework in action

Explore best practices and their implications for your school community

Framework alignment protocolExplore connections between the Framework and existing NYCDOE measures (e.g. QR, Danielson, School Survey, etc.) and resources

Step 2

Assess needs and establish goals
Use this Activity to:
Conducting a needs assessment

Analyze multiple data sources to surface needs and strengths

Guiding questions for step 2: Assessing the needs and establishing goals through the lens of the Framework for Great Schools

Reflect on identified needs and strengths

Establish goals grounded in data that connect to the elements for the Framework and the interplay among them

The five whys

Explore root causes in school needs and gaps

Establishing goals aligned with the Framework for Great Schools

Develop a goal that is grounded in data and connected to the Framework for Great Schools

Step 3

Engage in Cycles of Learning
Use this Activity to:
Exploring Learning to Improve, the research behind the Vision

Get to know the central tenets of improvement science, the research basis of cycles of learning

Book discussion guide for Learning to Improve

Reflect on each chapter of Learning to Improve and connect its ideas to your work

Guiding questions for step 3: Reflect and prepare for cycles of learning

Reflect and prepare your team for engaging in cycles of learning

Developing a fishbone diagram

Explore the root causes of an identified problem, preparing for a cycle

Planning a high-leverage change

Develop a theory of improvement for your cycle of learning

Identify a change idea to implement and iterate in your cycle of learning

Guide to predicting and measuring improvement

Identify measures and opportunities to effectively gauge progress in your cycle of learning

Keynote address by Louis Gomez, co-author of Learning to Improve: How America's Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better

Deepening learning on improvement science

Handbook for Professional Learning Activities

Preparing for planning, implementing, and evaluating professional learning cycles


For all resources from the Vision for School Improvement: Applying the Framework for Great Schools, visit the library.