Welcome to your new WeTeachNYC Community! The following steps will help you setup the core parts of your WeTeachNYC community. 

Step 1: Setting Up a Community Goal

The Community Goal section is a space to share the overall goal and learning objectives for your community and an explanation of how the community will support those objectives. The Community Goal section can be found at the top left of your community.

Click ‘EDIT’ to write out the goal(s) for your community. Then press ‘SAVE’. You can change your community goal(s) at any time by clicking ‘EDIT’.

Facilitator Tip: Consider your learning objectives and how they relate to the goals you have for this community. Be sure to introduce your community by establishing your goals, the commitment (how often users should sign in) and norms for community usage. WeTeachNYC Community goals can evolve over the course of a professional learning series.

Step 2: Create a Discussion

Discussions allow facilitators and community members to engage with one another and to seek and provide support online before, during, and/or after in-person professional learning sessions. 

Step 1: Start a Discussion

To start a new discussion, click the green ‘START A DISCUSSION’ button on the right-hand side of the page.

Step 2: Create a Title

Enter the title for your discussion. 


Facilitator Tip: Keep discussion titles concise. You’ll have an opportunity to offer framing and instructions around the discussion in the Next Steps section.

Step 3: Adding Relevant Tags

You can add a tag by clicking on ‘+ Add a Tag’ under the discussion title. You can always go back and add tags after you’re done creating the discussion post.

Facilitator Tip: Be sure to add at least one tag so that the discussion is easily discoverable to your community members.

Step 4: Add Discussion Prompt

Click inside the box and write the discussion prompt.

Step 5: Finalize Post

Click ‘CREATE NEW DISCUSSION’ to make your prompt visible to community members.

Step 3: Post to a Discussion

In this tutorial, you will learn how community members can post to a discussion.

Step 1: Openning Discussion

Select a discussion where you want post to. 

Step 2: Creating a Post

Select the section that says "Add reply or upload a file" and type a response or upload a resource. 

Text Post

Resource Post

Attach a resource to your reply by dragging and dropping the resource into the file attachment box just below the text box or by clicking on the words ‘from your computer’, which appears just below the text box.

If you upload an image, it will appear inline in your reply, as well as appearing as a discrete resource.

Add a video by clicking the text that says ‘add a video or a link’ just below the text box and pasting the URL in the space provided to a publicly viewable video from sites such as Vimeo.

Step 3: Finish Post


Step 4: Uploading Resources

In this tutorial, you will learn how to upload documents (e.g. .pdf) and videos (e.g. YouTube) to your community. Begin by logging into your community.

Step 1: Create Discussion

Create a discussion where you want to share your resources by clicking “Start A Discussion”.  


Step 2: Discussion Title/Description

Give you discussion a name (e.g. Shared Rubrics or Lessons) and describe what types of resources you could expect to include.  


Step 3: Upload Documents

If you want to upload a document, click “from your computer” and select the file you want to upload. 


Step 3: Upload Videos

If you want to upload a video, click “add a video or a link”. You will need to add the URL of the video you want to be posted. You can upload videos you have on your computer to YouTube or Vimeo if you want to share (Click Here). 


Step 4: Click Complete

When you are done, click “create new discussion”.  


Step 5: Check

Check to make sure your resources were properly uploaded. 


Step 5: Organizing Resources

Tags provide a way to group and organize discussions, files, links, and videos using key words to help your community members easily find the content they need. It is recommended that you create tags before launching the community to begin organizing the content. Adding multiple tags to a discussion, file, link, or video provides multiple ways for community members to find the content they want.

Step 1: Create a Tag

Create a "tag" so members can quickly find your resources.

Step 2: Name the Tag

Name the "tag".

Step 3: Tag Discussion

Assign the discussion with your created tag.

Step 4: Accessing Tags

Test your newly developed tag by seeing what resources are taged.

Step 6: Next Steps

The Next Steps section helps community members know exactly what they need to do in the community. Next steps can clarify what the work is between sessions by providing reminders to community members and connecting them to discussions that correspond with the work. Clicking on a next step will automatically take the community member to the appropriate discussion.

Click on ‘EDIT’ next to ‘NEXT STEPS’.

1) Click ‘+ ADD AN ITEM’ and two boxes will appear. One says ‘New Step’ in it and the other has a dropdown arrow.

2) Type in brief instructions for the new step.

3) Click the dropdown menu in the box below and select the discussion you want to link to the new step.

4) Click ‘SAVE’.

Facilitator Tip:

  • Update your community’s next steps regularly so community members can remain informed about what is important. 
  • Next steps can only be linked to discussions. If you would like community members to review a file, link, or video as a next step, it is recommended that you attach it to a discussion with instructions.
  • If you don’t link a next step to a discussion, it is recommended that you write it as a clearly defined action, such as “Click on the Session 1 tag to review session resources” or “Remember to bring your copy of the Danielson Framework to our session on Tuesday.”