Suggested pacing guide for high school comprehensive health education

A teaching tool to ensure students in grades 9-12 achieve NYS standards in Health Education. This pacing guide provides suggested order of foundation units and lessons from recommended curricula: “HealthSmart High School” 2nd Edition, “Reducing the Risk” 5th Edition, “Understanding Self-Identity: Building a Supportive Environment for LGBT Students” Revised Edition, “NYCDOE HIV/AIDS Curriculum” 2012 Edition.

Quality Review Indicators 1.1 CurriculumQuality Review Indicators 1.2 PedagogyQuality Review Indicators 1.3 Leveraging ResourcesDanielson Framework for Teaching 1a: Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and PedagogyDanielson Framework for Teaching 1d: Demonstrating Knowledge of ResourcesDanielson Framework for Teaching 1e: Designing Coherent Instruction
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