Lukasa: History of Africa and the Diaspora #2

The Haitian Revolution was a global event. To tell its story in comic form, author Laurent Dubois and illustrator Rocky Cotard use a combination of text and image to capture the scale and complexity of that history. This comic tells the glorious history of the Haitian Revolution. The enslavement of people and resistance to enslavement took many forms across the globe and over time. This is the story of what is arguably the most significant act of resistance in history.

The Haitian Revolution is the first truly democratic revolution in the Americas. The uprising of the African-descended people of the French colony of Saint-Domingue would totally transform the island and the world. This second issue of Lukasa reveals the accounts of these people and the world they created in The Revolution That Gave Birth to Haiti.

The history of the Haitian Revolution is a crucial part of human history and of our broader struggle to craft a world based on dignity and freedom.

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