Historias de Resistencia #1

Historias de Resistencia #1: Dolores Huerta and the Plight of the Farm Workers & Union Organizers is a graphic history that includes many people, facts, and details from the past. The stories in this series will highlight the dynamism of the Latino community in the United States, a larger community whose story must be told!

Each day, tens of thousands of farmworkers do backbreaking work to provide the food for tables all over the United States. The comic you are about to read was written by Henry Barajas, illustrated by Louie Chin, and colored by Gab Contreras. J. Gonzo created the cover art. This comic introduces you to the woman who is most responsible for organizing and fighting for the rights of farmworkers, Dolores Huerta. Huerta is one of the most significant warriors in labor history! In an effort to guarantee safe working conditions and a fair living wage for workers, Huerta co-founded the United Farmworkers Association (which later became the United Farmworkers of America). She has been battling for the rights of workers and all people for more than seven decades.

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