A Story in Every Object!

The Department of Social Studies and Civics collaborated with Pak Man Productions to create A Story in Every Object! An Asian American Comics Anthology, a Hidden Voices: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in United States History comic under the Civics for All Comics Group imprint. 

Sometimes people hear the word “history” and zone out, as if it’s just a bunch of abstract dates and facts. But history is everywhere, as real and relevant as any physical object.
In fact, any physical object that’s important to you might be able to tell you something about the history of your family. . . and yourself. In this comic book, there are six different personal histories from Asian American artists inspired by objects in their lives. You will find that sometimes the most everyday objects can reveal surprising things about a family’s journey. If you’re inspired, please be sure to check out the last section of the comic, where we’ll provide some pointers and room to tell your own history through an object that’s important to you!

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