Student agency: 21K253

This collection from PS 253 lays out the many tools, strategies, and resources they utilize to support student agency and independence through enrichment clubs and metacognitive instructional strategies.This collection contains a document that outlines specific strategies, tools, and templates that promote student-led learning, as well as a slideshow meant to deapen educators understanding on how to apply these practices in the classroom. 

Included Resources

This packet, created by the team at PS 253, contains four resource packets, each detailing a different practice that supports meta-cognition and student-led learning. The practices include "Coding Your Thoughts," "Image Analysis" in social studies, "Writing Peer Assessment," and "Math: Collaborative Problem Solving." Educators can utilize these resources to incorporate lessons and lesson structures that emphasize student meta-cognition.

This slideshow unpacks the practice of "Coding Your Thoughts" which is one of the metacognitive practices used at PS 253 to increase student metacognition in their work and foster greater student agency. Educators can use this slideshow alongside the resource packet to deepen their understanding of how this practice is applied in a classroom.