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The bundling of tens in Go Math!

According to the authors of the CCSS-M, “The power of the base-ten system is in the repeated bundling by ten.” This collection provides elementary teacher teams with all of the resources need to complete a professional learning activity which will help them understand how this powerful concept is developed from K-5 in Go Math!.

Included Resources

This facilitation guide supports teachers in understanding how Go Math! develops the concept of bundling of 10s which is critical to the Number and Operation in Base Ten domain. The activity both supports the deepening of teacher content knowledge and teacher ability to emphasize the big mathematical ideas which supports pacing and differentiation.

This document combines Common Core Standards from the Operations in Algebraic Thinking and Number and Operations in Base Ten domains that pertain to the concept of the bundling of tens. These standards are illustrated with examples and commentary from the progressions documents.

This template helps teachers connect the work of their grade to the culminating work in elementary school on Number and Operation in Base Ten.