Preparing for the SATs

SAT School Day is a citywide campaign to encourage students taking the SAT test. All 11th-grade students in NYC public schools will take the SAT at their school during a regular school day for free. This is made possible through an agreement between the NYC DOE and The College Board. The College and Career Planning Team has developed a website, toolkits, and resources to provide support to school staff to successfully plan, administer SAT school day and help students prepare for the P/SAT exams. This collection contains all of the resources shared citywide.

Included Resources

The SAT school day supervisor planning toolkit includes checklists, event ideas, and templates for school staff to successfully plan and administer P/SAT exams. School staff will find activity ideas for non-testing students, resources, timelines, and FAQs for students and families. 

ThisSAT School Day Instructional Supports Toolkitis designed to support school-based instructional staff with preparing all students for postsecondary success. This tolkit promotes familiarity with SAT skills, deepen teachers’ understanding and utility of the interdisciplinary pedagogical practices, and provides specific data and resources available to assist with classroom instruction and overall school improvement.

2017 SAT School Day Site Coordinator Toolkit includes checklists, event ideas, and templates for school staff to successfully plan and administer P/SAT day. School staff will find suggested activities for non-testing students and FAQ for school staff, students, and families.  

2017 SAT School Day Instructional Support Toolkit provides instructional staff with a comprehensive overview of the redesigned SAT. It promotes familiarity and fluency with the specific skills identified as the essential prerequisites for postsecondary success. 

2017 SAT School Day is a citywide effort to ensure that SAT test administration fulfill a meaningful role in opening access and opportunity to all students. Visit our website for best practices, tools and resources that support schools to prepare students for this critical college admissions exam and supports schools to successfully plan and administer PSAT and SAT exams on a school day.