Elementary and middle school math: 03M165

This collection of resources, developed and utilized by PS 165 Robert E. Simon, lays out how the school has developed number talks over the course of several years to increase student engagement in math. The collection includes many resources that support educators in understanding the practice of number talks, how it has developed in the school, the research base behind it, and the tools, strategies, and structures that support the ongoing implementation and development of the practice.

Included Resources

This packet, created by PS 165, contains resources that support the practice of number talks in elementary and middle school classrooms. The packet includes examples of observed student mathematical behaviors and the school's strategic responses over time, as well as content resources, a lesson planning template, sample hand gestures charts, and sample annotated schedules for programming a number talks routine. Educators can use these tools and reference materials to develop both the conditions and the practices that support mathematical engagement through number talks.

This article, written by Jo Boaler of YouCubed at Stanford University, provides a research basis for the field's changing understanding of what it means to achieve fluency with number facts and number sense. It specifically names number talks as one of the methods aligned to the ways children learn and build fluency. The article also includes an appendix with a range of different math activities that can be used with students.