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Curriculum planning professional learning resources

This collection shares professional learning activities and tools for teachers to use as they reflect, assess and enhance their practice. Can be used individually or with colleagues in a school setting.

Included Resources

New teachers will understand how the NYCDOE defines great teaching and how to leverage the Danielson Framework for Teaching to support their continuous growth and development. With expert guidance from the Danielson group, participants will develop a common language for great teaching and leave this session prepared to use the Framework as a tool f...

Through engaging in this 60-minute professional learning activity, participants will craft lesson-specific instructional outcomes that are rigorous, clear, measurable, written in the form of student learning, aligned to relevant standards, and represent important learning in the discipline.

Through engaging in this 40-minute professional learning activity, participants will explain the importance of using backwards design (Understanding by Design) to guide their planning practices. In an optional extension, participants will use backwards design to plan a unit using the unit plan template.

This self-reflection tool is intended to support teachers in celebrating their growth and continuing to strengthen their practice. This tool can be used by teachers voluntarily as a resource to guide their thinking as they reflect on their instructional practice, including areas of strength, areas for growth, current support, and desired future support.

This resource supports a teacher in reflecting on their practice, self-assessing the learning in their classroom, making meaning of evidence related to teaching practice, and using it to inform the development of next steps in order to refine teaching practice and advance student learning.

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