What is WeTeachNYC?

WeTeachNYC (weteachnyc.org) is a professional learning portal created by the New York City Department of Education where NYC teachers and school leaders can find the resources and learning experiences they need-anytime, anywhere.

On WeTeachNYC, educators can find information about teaching and learning in NYC schools, search a robust library of instructional and professional learning resources, and engage in facilitated blended learning communities with other NYC educators.

Who has access to WeTeachNYC?

WeTeachNYC is for New York City teachers, school leaders, coaches and administrators. Some of the content is accessible to anyone at the WeTeachNYC website.  NYC educators can log into the WeTeachNYC portal with their NYCDOE credentials to access resources that are permissioned specifically for NYC teachers and school leaders, as well as to engage in online communities.

What can I do on WeTeachNYC?

WeTeachNYC has 3 distinct sections:

  • Library
  • Communities
  • NYC's Approach

What is the Library?

The Library provides educators with instructional and professional learning resources for improving teaching and learning.  Types of resources include lesson plans, professional development activities, major policy documents, professional research articles, and videos of best practices. 

Currently, the majority of the library's resources are developed by or in partnership with the NYCDOE and vetted for quality by central content teams. Over the course of the 2015-16 school year, content will continue to be developed and curated from professional learning organizations and external partners.

What are Communities?

Communities provide NYC teachers and school leaders with an online space where they can engage in facilitated and self-paced classes and blended learning communities with their colleagues. 

Communities offer educators a dedicated online space where they can come together with other educators to share resources, best practices, and common challenges. Currently, communities on WeTeachNYC are defined by participation in a specific NYCDOE program or initiative. In the future, WeTeachNYC will offer NYC educators the ability to create and facilitate their own communities.

What is NYC's Approach?

NYC's Approach provides information about teaching and learning in NYC.  Educators can read about the different curriculum options offered by the NYCDOE in English language arts and mathematics, the types of assessments used within the district, instructional practices across the content areas, ways to support professional learning in schools, and NYC's Vision for School Improvement.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about WeTeachNYC, email us at WeTeachNYC@schools.nyc.gov. If you are having technical trouble, such as logging into your account, please call the DIIT Service Desk at 212-374-6646.

Where can I give feedback?

WeTeachNYC is for NYC educators and relies on the educators who use the site to improve it. To give feedback about WeTeachNYC, go to weteachnyc.org/feedback/