Yes! But How? LGBTQ+ Inclusion for Educators

Yes! But How? LGBTQ+ Inclusion for Educators is a collaborative project between the NYCDOE Office of Safety & Youth Development and the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Learning written by LGBTQ+ author and curator Hugh Ryan and illustrated by artist Cristy Road. Yes! But How? is written for K–12 teachers and administrators to help support the development of LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming school environments.  

The guide is divided into three primary sections. The first examines practices that support the development of equitable and supportive classrooms and contexts through the Three Cs: Curricula, Classrooms, and Conversations.The second, Any Questions?, is a comic that follows the successes and struggles of Ms. Velez, a fictionalized teacher, who attempts to build a more inclusive and affirming classroom, meant to support conversations between educators and promote professional learning. The guide concludes with an FAQ and appendix with links to helpful resources in the third section.