Recognized #1

The NYCDOE Civics for All and Social Studies teams collaborated with Good Trouble Comics to create Recognized, a two-part LGBTQ+ graphic history.

The two stories found in Recognized, “Shine,” a story about Alain Locke, and “In Love and Resistance,” a story about Sylvia Rivera. This graphic history is based on two profiles found in the New York City Department of Education’s Hidden Voices: LGBTQ+ Stories in United States History. The two comics include fictional characters, semi-fictional settings, and a great deal of historical facts and details about significant LGBTQ+ figures from our past.

“Shine” was created by Danny Lore, Ted Brandt, and Ro Stein. “In Love and Resistance” was created by Valerie Complex and June Kim. Both comics were colored by Marissa Louise with letters by Clayton Cowles. 

Good Trouble Comics is a creative nonfiction team led by Andrew Aydin (co-author of the March trilogy), Kelly Sue DeConnick (Wonder Woman), Matt Fraction (Hawkeye), Val De Landro (Marvel Knights and X-Factor).

The Civics for All Comics Group develops social studies and civics comics as companions to several of our resources. Recognized is intended for high school students.

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