New York City Grades 6-8 Health Education Scope and Sequence (Black-and-white Version)

This curricular planning resource provides a practical framework for implementing comprehensive, skills-based Health Education instruction at the middle school level. Developed by DOE instructional leaders and teachers and aligned to State and national standards, the grades 6-8 Scope and Sequence is organized around six units of study:

  • Foundations for Adolescent Health
  • Social, Emotional, and Mental Health
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug-Use Prevention
  • Sexual Health
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Personal Health and Safety

The Scope and Sequence guides educators in using a skills-based approach in which students learn, practice, and demonstrate the skills they need to make informed decisions and adopt healthy behaviors. Key components include:

  • Overview grid: An at-a-glance summary of the curriculum, including units, topics, concepts, and skills.
  • Unit Summaries: List the health concepts and skills, essential questions, healthy behavior outcomes, and standards alignment for each unit