Music: Aligning the Blueprint benchmarks & NYS performance indicators

The Office of Arts and Special Projects is pleased to offer teachers of the Arts a resource demonstrating the alignment of the newest version of the New York State Standards for the Arts to the NYCDOE Blueprints for Teaching and Learning in Music.

As you review these documents, it is important to keep in mind:

•The NYCDOE Blueprints remain the foundation for the development of Arts lessons, units, and curriculum in our public schools. Therefore, the alignment charts begin with the Blueprint benchmarks as reference points, and illustrate how selected NYS Standards align to the Blueprint grade level benchmarks and strands.

•The NYCDOE Blueprints and the NYS Standards offer complementary supports for instruction. The Blueprints are curricular guides that identify key content, skills and understandings, and provide a compendium of instructional resources for music educators. The new NYS Standards provide a conceptual framework of the artistic processes and enduring understandings that are the keystones of excellent arts instruction.

•Both the NYCDOE and NYS documents present teachers with unique lenses through which to reflect on planning, instruction, and assessment of student learning.

Teams of exemplary NYCDOE music educators, committed to comprehensive sequential instruction in music, developed the following alignment charts for each of the five strands in Benchmark grades 2, 5, 8, and 12.