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Mindfully me: mindful mondays curriculum module 3

Building student resilience and emotional sustainability requires an understanding of what mindfulness and wellbeing looks like, what it feels like, and what the associated behaviors are. This virtual student training and related materials has been designed for Summer Rising staff to implement the scripted weekly Mindfully Me: Mindful Monday curriculum.

The Mindfully Me: Mindful Mondays curriculum features six weekly units organized in three modules,  consisting of thirty minute lessons with videos for mindfulness, SEL & more.

The module 3 guide includes the digital lesson resources for Lesson 5: Who I Am - Part 2  and Lesson 6: Why I Am - Part 2  

Who I Am - Part 2:  In this lesson students will identify the role that self compassion can play in their lives to support them both at home and at school.

Where I Am- Part 2: In this lesson students will identify how to put together all of the mindfulness practices learned in the series to resolve conflicts both at home and at school.

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