Hidden Voices: Untold Stories of New York City History

The Hidden Voices project is a collaboration between the NYCDOE Social Studies Department and the Museum of the City of New York. It was initiated to help NYC students learn about and honor the innumerable people, often “hidden” from the traditional historical record, who have shaped and continue to shape our history and identity. Hidden Voices allows students to find their own voice as they become analysts of the past and make connections between the past and the present. This resource guide is aligned to the Passport to Social Studies curriculum, and can help teachers facilitate and explore inclusive learning experiences that validate the diverse perspectives and contributions of underrepresented individuals and groups. Alongside guidance for teachers on authentically incorporating diverse perspectives are profiles of selected lesser-known figures who have had an impact on New York City history. Each profile includes discussion questions and document analysis questions for each grade band as well as explicit connections to Passport to Social Studies units and lessons.

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