Universal literacy: 10X023

This collection, developed by the staff at PS 23 The New Children's School, brings together the various resources and guidance that the school uses to promote Universal Literacy. It includes resources that provide guidance for teachers, tips and tricks for coaches,  and strategies and ideas for engaging families as literacy partners. 

Included Resources

This document was developed by P.S. 23's Universal Literacy coach in collaboration with the administration so that their support of teachers around literacy would be coherent and consistent. Administrators can use this checklist when they complete observations to promote fidelity to the school's vision for literacy in every classroom. Educators could use this sample, which contains detailed expectations around planning, instruction, classroom resources, and environment, in order to develop their own literacy look-fors.

This packet, created by P.S. 23, contains resources and guidance for coaches, school leaders, and classroom teachers involved in promoting Universal Literacy. The packet includes recommendations for school leaders, tips and tricks for coaches, a sample literacy instruction schedule, a classroom chart resource, and strategies and ideas for engaging families as literacy partners. Educators can use these resources to further develop their own literacy program.