STEM: 28Q354

This collection of resources, from PS 354 in Queens, lays out for interested educators tools and strategies for developing STEM practices in their own work. This collection includes pre-filled samples that describe how PS 354 plans their STEM units, blank templates to support educators in planning their own units, and two activities designed to promote STEM thinking and orient to relevant vocabulary. Taken together, these resources can orient unfamiliar educators to the world of STEM and support more experienced educators in deepening their practices or expanding their repertoire.

Included Resources

This packet, created by Jermaine L. Green Elementary, contains resources and guidance for classroom and schoolwide strategies for integrating STEM across multiple disciplines and curriculum. The packet includes a list of terms often used in STEM education, a breakdown of the engineering design process, activities for educators to simulate students' learning experience through STEM, a six-step teacher planning guide, and exemplar STEM unit summaries. Educators can use these tools and strategies to build both classroom and schoolwide practices that support students' cognitive thinking and problem solving skills through the lens of STEM education.

This worksheet, created by the team at the Jermaine L. Green STEM Institute of Queens, is used by teachers to develop project-based units that engage students in the Engineering Design Process (EDP). The EDP is not just a series of steps but rather a way of thinking. This planner helps teachers account for all the kinds of thinking involved in approaching tasks like an engineer would. For an example of a filled out planning sheet, refer to the main packet that is also included in this collection.