School improvement: 07X154

This collection of resources, from PS 154 Jonathan D. Hyatt, lays out how the school has transformed itself and sustained schoolwide improvement over the course of just a few years. The resources describe the history of how Principal Coviello led that change, the practices she and the staff implemented, and the core values--in school culture, professional culture, and instruction--that guide their work.

Included Resources

This packet, developed by PS 154 Jonathan D. Hyatt, lays out the approach the school has taken to create and sustain schoolwide improvement. The packet inclues introductory description of the school's core values and the practices that demonstrate and realize those values, as well as materials that take a deeper dive into leadership practices and classroom practices in lower and upper elementary grades. Educators can use these resources to build or inform their own practices around school culture, instruction, and professional culture to support or sustain continuous schoolwide improvement.