School culture: 07X221

The collection of resources, developed South Bronx Prep, lays out how the school fosters and sustains a schoolwide culture of growth. The resources include guides to the school's leadership, team, and instructional practices that support this culture, as well as a number of protocols and activities that interested educators can use to develop this culture in their own work.

Included Resources

This packet, created by South Bronx Prep, contains resources and guidance for schoolwide and classroom strategies for promoting a culture of growth for students and staff. The packet includes a case study for leaders, a listing of collaborative teacher teams and the work they do, an overview of key instructional practices for students and for teachers, as well as a number of resources connected to the way teachers develop one another and the way the SBP staff builds community among students. Educators can use these tools and resources to shift and develop the culture among staff and/or students in their own contexts.

Visitors to South Bronx Prep's Showcase who wish to take notes in digital form can download this item to capture their observations and reflections on classroom visits.