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Sample HILL at Home lessons

The Sample HILL at Home lessons are designed to provide examples of culturally and historically lesson plans that put the HILL Model in action in math, ELA, science, social studies, and arts. For each subject area, there is a sample lesson plan and explanatory video. 

Included Resources

In this mathematics lesson plan, students will engage with mathematical concepts such as scale to understand elements of architecture and design. Students will metaphorically connect the concept of a “blueprint” to their own lives. Students should already have a basic understanding of fractions and proportions to access this lesson.

In this English language arts lesson, students will discuss the politics of hair and how it is connected to identity and power for Black lives. Hair is not just about what’s on our heads, but it is intricately linked to politics and the personal.

In this science lesson plan, students will consider how availability and variety of food affects communities and individuals. Students will think about their own communities and the racism in food systems. Students should already have a basic understanding of the 8 scientific practices (NGSS).

In this social studies lesson, students will learn about the George Floyd protests and other acts of activism throughout history and around the world. Students will think about their own lives and interests in creating social change for a better humanity for all.

In this arts lesson, students will learn the history and origins of hip hop. Students will engage in creative expression and artistic practices as they learn.