Reading culture: 01M450

This collection of resources, developed by East Side Community High School, lays out the many strategies and structures the school uses to create and sustain a schoolwide culture of reading. The resources include a packet that introduces, describes, and provides guidance around the various practices the school uses, as well as sample classroom strategies for middle and high school. Additionally, the collection includes three articles that describe East Side's reading practices, the conditions that support them, and some research around why they are effective.

Included Resources

This packet, created by the staff at East Side Community School, lays out many of the structures and strategies the school uses to create and sustain a schoolwide culture of reading. The packet includes introductory documents that provide quick tips for teachers, leaders, and librarians. It also includes a number of deeper resources for educators in those roles, as well as for parents and families. The deeper resources include classroom tools and guides for both middle and high school, sample schedules and that create protected space for independent reading for all students, tips and strategies for developing a library and matching students with books that interest them, and supporting information for families to create consistency between school and the home. Educators can use these resources to begin developing their own culture of reading from a range of possible starting points.

This article, written by the principal of East Side Community, describes the many practices and structures the school uses to develop and sustain a schoolwide culture of reading and how that works alongside a number of other strategies for supporting the growth of student literacy more broadly.

This article, written about the success and excellence at East Side Community, lays out a number of the strategies and structures that have led to the school's success, including creating a schoolwide culture of reading. The article is one part of a larger volume and highlights East Side as one of five schools across the country that exemplify atypically strong practice and achievement.

This video features East Side Community Middle and High School in Manhattan - whose innovative practices have fostered an academic culture centered on books and reading. The film includes the role of independent reading; the importance of in-class reading conferences; the creation of the library as the “heart” of the school; and East Side’s trademark Principal's Book Club.