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New teacher resources

This collection of resources contains foundational documents such as standards, scopes & sequences, and major policy documents that can be helpful when acclimating to a new position as a teacher. 

Included Resources

This is a collection of the two science scope and sequence documents. Together, they include descriptions of all of the science units from Pre-K through grade 12 plus all of the Regents science courses.

This collection contains all of the New York City Social Studies Scope and Sequence, which are a comprehensive resources that integrate national standards, the New York State Social Studies Core Curriculum (content, concepts, key ideas, understandings and performance indicators), the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and the New York State K-8 ...

This collection contains all of the Common Core Learning Standards in both Math and Literacy as well as the accompanying appendices. 

These documents describe the progressions of mathematical topics on which the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics were built. They explain how mathematical ideas develop across a number of grade levels and and are informed both by research on children's cognitive development and by the logical structure of mathematics. They can explain why s...

The NYC STEM Education Framework is a tool that provides a structured approach for schools seeking to organize and develop the implementation of a STEM initiative whose results are repeatable. It includes a readiness checklist of structures, criteria, and systems and is not intended to be judgmental or evaluative.

The architecture of the Framework is presented as a structure of domains, indicators, and criteria to support the evolution of a school’s initiative over time. The Framework is designed to work alongside other data and qualitative tools to help schools develop a STEM culture that integrates well with a school’s existing instructional mission and vision, while shifting the disciplinary paradigm from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary toward instruction and learning that is ultimately transdisciplinary

The Danielson 2013 Framework for Teaching (FfT) is the rubric used for teacher development and observation/evaluation. It is used as a formative tool to develop teacher practice as well as a rubric for use when observing and evaluating teacher practice. This version of the rubric contains all 22 components across four domains.

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These resources highlight connections between the Vision for School Improvement, the Framework for Great Schools, and the supporting research.  

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