Move-to-Improve: world beats NYC album

The Office of School Wellness Programs’ Move-to-Improve: World Beats NYC album is an eclectic mix of Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Bollywood, Lo-Fi and Latin tracks that range from upbeat tempos to mellow instrumentals, all reflecting the diverse communities of New York City. Produced by Hip Hop Public Health and in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education, the album is recommended to use with Move-to-Improve in the classroom and with physical activity throughout the school day. Descriptions and recommendations for incorporating the music into daily instruction are included with each track.

Tracks represent the spirit of Move-to-Improve and it is an homage to our 1.1 million students who deserve to learn, to move, and to live healthy, active lives.  Share the Move-to-Improve: World Beats NYC tracks far and wide!

Included Resources

This energizing Hip-Hop track is the Move-to-Improve name sake and perfect to get students vitalized. Use during “True or False” as you assess topics for review or during a whole group game like “Mystery Number” or “Multiple Madness” to keep the energy up.

Cross the Line (Jump, Squat & Shake) - Can you dance the “Alley Cat” to this Latin-infused track? You bet you can! Review the steps in the Move-to-Improve Physical Activity Guide to take physical activity in the classroom to the next level. Students can add their own style to this track as they practice spatial awareness and counting.

NYC Roll Call- Motivate your students and get their hearts pumping with this Hip-Hop anthem! Partner up for a moving turn and talk like “Pace Yourself.” Take a “Nature Walk” and explore the five NYC boroughs. PE Teachers are encouraged to energize their gyms with music during Move-to-Improve activities.

“Scarf Buddies” gets more musical as students work with scarves during Math or ELA. This Afrobeat track also serves as an inspiration to move for any of your academic or physical modifications during Move-to-Improve whole group activities like “Compare and Move” and “Show How Many."


Enjoy the influence of Bollywood in this Move-to-Improve track during lower intensity activities like skip counting during “Seated Stretch.” Breathe and spell it out during “Yoga Breathe and Pose.” Breathe, relax, and repeat.

Enliven your students’ learning as they enjoy Move-to-Improve activities and reinforce verb usage during “Freeze and Groove.” Add or subtract with a Reggae flair and show us your answer with physical activity during “Show How Many.”

This faster-paced version of “Groove & Flow” activates students as they practice multiple choice questions with “Movement Memory.” Try grooving and flowing during whole group activities for a slightly competitive edge during the MTI activity, “Common Thread.”

Slow things down after getting students’ heart rates up. Focus and get centered after physical activity to calm the mind and get ready for what comes next. Use this chill R&B track right after any Move-to-Improve activity to cue students that it’s time to switch gears.

Just as it can be used to excite and invigorate, music can be used to calm the mind and body. Encourage students to regain focus and look inward with this meditative Lo-Fi track. Use it after any Move-to-Improve activity to bring students back to their seats and on to the next task.