Include-U middle school curriculum

This is an introduction to the College Access for All: Middle School Include-U curriculum. You will find a list of all modules available in this curriculum, as well as a short description for each module.

Included Resources

The College Access for All: Middle School Initiative and INCLUDEnyc collaborated to create a series of 5 modules, which aim to support college awareness and readiness development for young people with disabilities by addressing the stigma and biases that middle schoolers with disabilities, their caregivers and providers may feel or experience. The curriculum offers activities to increase knowledge and confidence about how to work towards college and identifies supports available in colleges for student with disabilities.


Students will engage in activities and discussion to better understand what a disability is and the various classifications of disabilities that exist. They will also debunk myths associated with having a disability and learn about the many celebrities that live and work with a disability.


Students will be able to identify life, academic, support, community involvement, college, and career themed goals that are integral to successfully transitioning out of high school.


Students will be able to learn their smarts or the strengths within their learning styles and the type of high schools that will best fit their needs, talents, and skills. Students with IEPs will gain skills when identifying right fit high schools that will serve useful when they apply to college.

Students will be able to identify the steps needed to achieve diverse postsecondary school options and the support and resources available along their journey to help them achieve these options. They will also identify the high school diplomas that will enable them to enroll into college right after high school.

<style type="text/css"> </style> Students will practice self-disclosure and self-advocacy skills as it relates to requesting accommodations. They will also learn about the various resources, accommodations, and services available on a college campus to help students with disabilities transition to and retain in college.