Dream-U middle school curriculum

The Dream-U curriculum is a series of 9 modules and a family toolkit that address a diverse array of topics supporting immigrant and undocumented students as well as English Language Learners as they navigate the path to college. These modules can be facilitated in a sequence or use specific modules to meet your community needs. 

Included Resources

Student resources for Dream-U curriculum. This collection contains the module handouts for the Dream-U curriculum in 8 languages. 



This is an introduction to the College Access for All- Middle School Dream-U Curriculum. You will find a list of all modules available in this curriculum, as well as a short description for each module.

Students will explore educational histories by creating a family tree that shows the education and power that lies in their family’s roots. With this information, students can understand the importance of their history, learn lessons and skills from their family’s experiences, and connect those learned skills to their own educational goals and journeys to college.


Students will engage in self-exploration of the elements and factors that shape their identities like migration, culture, language, religion, and family and immigration status. Students will then connect how their identities can serve as strengths and skills in their journey to college.


This lesson shows that everyone has the right to attend college and it further debunks myths around the college going process for ELLs, immigrant, and undocumented students.


This lesson encourages ELL, immigrant, and undocumented students to consider the steps needed to apply to a right fit high school and the importance of making collective, informed decisions about their choices with their families and guidance counselors.


This lesson empowers ELLs, immigrant, and undocumented students to find solutions to challenges that might arise in their journeys to college.


This lesson shows the diverse financial aid packages college students receive and how students can maximize the various forms of aid they obtain to help pay for college.


Students will see how different community members that are immigrants, English Language Learners, or undocumented have been empowered to pursue their college and career dreams.


This lesson demonstrates the importance of having a supportive and uplifting community that can help navigate difficult processes like the journey to high school and college.


This lesson is meant to be used with the other units, as it provides a fun review of the information taught previously.


This toolkit provides take-home activities connected to each module for students to do with their families.