Curriculum planning resources

This collection shares resources to help teachers modify or write new curricula that ensures all students are engaged, offered multiple ways to access information, and have options for how they demonstrate their learning. The resources shared here adhere to the principles of Understanding by Design (UbD) and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Included find:

  • articles to introduce key concepts in curricula writing, including a summary of Ubd, UdL and Differentiated Instruction (three key frameworks)
  • teacher-tested resources and strategies to ensure there are no barriers to student learning in your lessons
  • templates and examples of UDL curricula
  • professional learning activities and tools 

Included Resources

This document shares a summary of a few key approaches to writing curricula. The three models described are Understanding by Design (UbD), Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Differentiated Instruction (DI).

This document explains the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) curricular framework and shares classroom resources and strategies to help teachers remove barriers to student learning. All of the resources have been tested and vetted by NYC DOE teachers.

This article, published by World View at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, provides an overview of concept-based teaching and learning. The article helps educators understand the differences between concepts and topics, supports them in selecting concepts that are right for their teaching, and provides a template for adapting their teaching strategies to include concept-based teaching and learning techniques. Educators can use this resource to gain clarity around the ideas behind concept-based teaching and learning, as well as using the template to incorporate these ideas into their lesson planning.

Educational Use: