Curriculum design: 09X454

This collection of resources, developed by Science & Technology Academy: A Mott Hall School, lays out the schools approach to designing curriculum to promote student achievement. The collection includes one packet that introduces and describes their concept-based approach to teaching and learning and another packet of tools, templates, and sample units that educators can use to design their own concept-based units and curriculum.

Included Resources

This resource, created by Science and Technology Academy: A Mott Hall School, contains information, resources, and templates to support schools and educators in implementing concept-based teaching practices. The packet includes information about concept-based teaching and learning, an example of how the GRASPS method can be used to create meaningful interdisciplinary projects, samples of student work, and templates for educators to use when planning units and projects.

This packet, created by the teaching staff at Science and Technology Academy: A Mott Hall School, contains six different unit plans for middle school grades. The unit plans demonstrate how teachers plan units of study across all subject areas focusing on a statement of inquiry, incorporating GRASPS project planning and utilizing concept-based learning techniques. The packet also includes a blank unit plan as a model template for educators to plan with.