College Planning Foundations

This collection includes resources related to building and strengthening the college office.

Included Resources

This PowerPoint presentation from Orhcard College Academy highlights the vertical alignment that is used to onboard new students and staff members for all grades.

This presentation from Lower East Side Preparatory highlights the gains that were made with the creation of a college office to support students at a transfer school with a high ELL population.

This sample College and Career Planning Guide from Ralph R. McKee CTE High School provides junior and senior students with resources to support the college application process. Some examples of resources include a junior and senior timeline, factors in choosing a college, types of applications, application completion support, and financial aid.  

This synthesis report from Richmond Hill High School  provides an overview of the team's change project to expand supports offered in the postsecondary process by using a team approach, partnership, and creation of new systems and spaces that provided facetime with students.