Campus collaboration: 11X498, 75X176, 84X378

This collection of resources, developed by three schools at the X498 Collaborative Campus (PS/MS 498, P176X, and Icahn Charter School 2), lays out how the three schools create a harmonious and collaborative campus. The resources include research on campus collaboration, the campus' shared mission and values, and various tools and templates that lay out how the schools collaborate on campus.

Included Resources

This packet, created by the three schools that share a single campus (P176X, PS/MS 498, and Icahn Charter School 2), contains resources and guidance for campus-wide collaboration. The packet includes an article on charter, public, and private schools working together; an example of the shared belief system for the campus; a protocol for creating a shared mission, vision, and values; and the campus' shared space documents. Educators can use these tools and strategies to foster collaboration between schools in co-located settings.

This article, published in Kappan Magazine, highlights the ways in which charter, public, and private schools are working together to share resources, space, and ideas and to collaborate in order to best serve all students. The article describes the Boston Compact, which is a commitment to raise the achievement of ELLs, Black and Latino boys, and/or students with disabilities in Boston. Educators can use this resource to expand their understanding of how and when schools can collaborate, what that collaboration can look and sound like, and how collaboration ultimately can affect all students in a positive way, especially historically under-served students.