Resources Features

  • Upload Resources: Learn how to upload different resources to your community. 
  • Organizing Resources: Learn how to orgnaize different resources in your community. 

Uploading Resources

In this tutorial, you will learn how to upload documents (e.g. .pdf) and videos (e.g. YouTube) to your community. Begin by logging into your community.

Step 1: Create Discussion

Create a discussion where you want to share your resources by clicking “Start A Discussion”.  


Step 2: Discussion Title/Description

Give you discussion a name (e.g. Shared Rubrics or Lessons) and describe what types of resources you could expect to include.  


Step 3: Upload Documents

If you want to upload a document, click “from your computer” and select the file you want to upload. 


Step 3: Upload Videos

If you want to upload a video, click “add a video or a link”. You will need to add the URL of the video you want to be posted. You can upload videos you have on your computer to YouTube or Vimeo if you want to share (Click Here). 


Step 4: Click Complete

When you are done, click “create new discussion”.  


Step 5: Check

Check to make sure your resources were properly uploaded. 


Organizing Resources

Tags provide a way to group and organize discussions, files, links, and videos using key words to help your community members easily find the content they need. It is recommended that you create tags before launching the community to begin organizing the content. Adding multiple tags to a discussion, file, link, or video provides multiple ways for community members to find the content they want.

Step 1: Create a Tag

Create a "tag" so members can quickly find your resources.

Step 2: Name the Tag

Name the "tag".

Step 3: Tag Discussion

Assign the discussion with your created tag.

Step 4: Accessing Tags

Test your newly developed tag by seeing what resources are taged.