Resource FAQ

Why are you sharing resources with your community? Do you want to disseminate information to your community or have them co-construct/share resources?

  • Share documents to be used during professional devleopment
  • Allow community members to access pre and post work
  • Have community members share documents

How can I use resources?

Resource Sharing

In resource sharing model, you can post information (e.g. videos, pictures, documents) that you want to share with your community. Your community members can then access the infromation in the community members.

Resource Collaboration

In resource collaboration model, members can post information (e.g. videos, pictures, documents) that can be useful to them.

What type of resources can I share?

You can upload a range of different documents from images, text, urls, videos and documents.

What are tags?

Tags provide a way to group discussions, files, links, and videos using key words to help your community members easily find the content they need. It is recommended that you create tags before launching the community to begin organizing the content. Adding multiple tags to a discussion, file, link, or video provides multiple ways for community members to find the content they want.

For example, if during the second session in your in-person professional learning event you focus on instructional strategies, you could tag files with “Session 2” and “Instructional Strategies”. Community members can find these files by clicking on either tag.