Vote: An instructional guide to elections

Teaching the foundations of American government and the democratic process is necessary in order to build a more engaged, active future citizen and informed voter.

Civics Week, including Student Voter Registration Drive, encourages students to find their voice on issues that matter to them, to identify ways to become more engaged community members, and to feel empowered to make decisions. As part of the Civics for All initiative, this guide provides avenues for all NYC DOE high school students to become further civically engaged in their communities. During Civics Week we look to educate and empower students as agents of change in the political process. Some of the following activities will encourage and support students to identify issues that are important, learn how to contact government officials, and get involved in their communities. We need youth at the forefront of democracy, contributing the power of their voices to make a difference on the issues they care about.

In addition to the activities, there are other resources to share with students that allow for greater exploration of political party platforms, current candidates for elected office, and options for civic engagement for non-voters. The activities in VOTE: An Instructional Guide to Elections can be modified to meet the individual needs of every classroom.

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