As visibly Non-Black or Lighter Skin People of Color, we recognize that we benefit unearned privileges that are robbed from visibly Black people everyday. We must work together to interrogate, interrupt and abolish policies, behaviors, and ideas that promote anti-blackness to move towards anti-racist policies, behaviors, ideas, anti-oppression. We know that our own struggles for freedom and liberation have been deeply influenced by Black American struggles that preceded us. Black communities have paid dearly for resisting their own oppression, and in doing so, they have also paved the way for our resistances. Let's not burden our Black people with our gaps in knowledge, skills, cultural, and consciousness. While it can be beneficial to hear someone else's perspective its more powerful when you get clarity on your own. You must unpack your relationship and history with Blackness. Let's do the self-work to show up and show out!

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