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Scope and sequence: Science

Science scope and sequence: Grades 9-12

The 2015 Enhanced NYC Science Scope & Sequence is a revision of an earlier Scope & Sequence published in 2008. The Enhanced NYC Science Scope & Sequence includes the current NYS MST standards that all schools should continue to follow as well as new resources. The new resources include:

  • Alignment to the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices and the Cross-Cutting Concepts.
  • Alignment to the Common Core Learning Standards in English Language Arts and the Common Core Learning Standards in Mathematics given the relevance between the skills needed in all three disciplines (ELA, Math, and Science).
  • Alignment to the Excellence in Environmental Education: Guidelines for Learning (K–12) published by the North American Association of Environmental Education to support the environmental education of NYC students and to encourage them to find innovative solutions to environmental problems and issues in their communities.
  • The New York State Education Law, Article 17, Section 809 (Instructions for the Humane Treatment of Animals) and Section 810 (Conservation Day)
  • The Reference Tables that are used in Regents science courses are included.