Lukasa: History of Africa and the Diaspora #3

The Department of Social Studies and Civics collaborated with scholars Audra A. Diptée and Trevor R. Getz, and illustrator Liz Clarke to create Lukasa: History of Africa and the Diaspora #3, Operation Legacy: The Fight for Kenya's Independence and History, a comic under the Civics for All Comics Group imprint.

Stories of truth and justice are common in comics. But usually, these stories are fictions told about superheroes. This is a history about everyday people. The Kenyan people who petitioned the Prime Minister and took the British government to trial to open the archives are REAL LIFE superheroes. They did not wear capes—they carried their stories and a burning will to correct the historical record. They also carried on the tradition of the many Kenyans who fought for independence.

We hope you enjoy and learn from the story of Operation Legacy.

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