Kindergarten literacy in social studies: Thinking about families

This four-week Common Core-aligned unit leads students in an exploration of informational texts about families, as aligned to the Social Studies scope and sequence for Grade K. Students will be immersed in a range of texts about families through read-alouds, shared reading, and leveled texts for guided and independent reading. This unit will help students understand informational texts about families. Teachers will model the use of text structures and features of informational texts through shared and guided reading experiences and will encourage the students to ask and answer questions about key details of the text or topic. During the writing workshop, teachers will model writing informational reports and guide students in writing their own. In this task, students write an information report in response to reading informational texts. The task takes place in the third week of a four-week unit. The final week of the unit allows time to use the information gathered from the task to reteach or extend students. Students will ask and answer questions about texts on different families in shared and guided reading and are then asked to write an information report on the ways in which families are alike and different. The students will use the informational texts they read as models for their writing.

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