Grade 9-10 ELA: Rites of passage

This English Language Arts packet contains a curriculum-embedded Common Core–aligned task and instructional supports. The task is the culminating task at the end of a 3–5 week unit. Throughout their 9th grade year, students read informational and literary texts focused on responding to the essential question of "Who am I?" In the study of this question, students will draw from a variety of sources, including texts addressing the social, political, economic, and cultural factors and relationships that build identity in order to analyze the place which rites of passage have in the 21st century. This task requires students to write an argumentative essay answering the unit's essential question, "In the 21st century, should certain rites of passage continue to be practiced?" Students will read and debate through a mock-trial format a series of texts addressing various rites of passage from cultures and societies across the globe. These texts will form the evidence base from which students will write an argument in response to the unit's essential question.