Grade 8 ELA: Economics and the environment

This 4-6 week unit focuses on the connection between economics and the environment. The instructional supports contain scaffolds for students as they work to meet the standards. The scaffolds should be used strategically, based on the needs of students, and removed gradually, and then completely, in order to assess independent mastery of the standards. The unit introduces informational writing to students and is useful for the start of the school year. Texts used throughout the unit are of similar complexity and are at the lower end of the grade 6-8 range. If the suggested scaffolds are used throughout the unit, an additional final task would be required in order to effectively assess independent mastery of the standards. This Common Core-aligned (CCLS) task asks students to write an informative/ explanatory essay, demonstrating how economics and the environment relate to the depletion of our Earth's resources. Student must be able to use evidence from at least two texts and analyze the cause and effect relationship between the economy and the environment.