Waverly waves

This unit on ratio and proportional understanding will be taught over the course of three weeks. This unit is to provide students with a thorough understanding of ratios and proportions, because they are used so much in everyday life applications and they are a natural extension after students understand the basics of fractions. First, the unit covers thoroughly the concept of ratio, including how it connects with fractions. Next, the unit focuses on equivalent ratios, because those will lead students into proportions just a few lessons later. After the foundation has been set with ratios and rates, students will make connections with proportions. Students will solve proportions by thinking through equivalent ratios and with cross-multiplying. Following this, there is more practice with solving proportions and word problems. This Common Core-aligned (CCLS) task will have students complete various activities using ratios and proportions to solve problems using ratio tables, diagrams, proportions, etc.