Grade 6 ELA: The role of technology in education

This assessment task is embedded in a 4–6 week unit that uses the topic of technology in education as a means to teach students how to analyze and navigate complex informational texts. As part of the unit, students will read four informational texts on the subject of technology in education and complete assessment tasks. Prior to the final assessment, students complete two formative reading tasks that build in complexity and are sequenced to scaffold student learning for the culminating assessment, in which students write an argumentative essay. It is important to note that writing arguments, with claims and evidence, is introduced in writing anchor standard 1 of the Common Core Learning Standards for the first time in 6th grade. Thus, for many students, this may be their first attempt to independently write a formal argument. The final task asks students to write an essay in which they argue for either a limited or expansive role of technology in education. Students must be able to state a claim and support it with clear reasons and relevant evidence, demonstrating an understanding of the topic and/or text.

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