Grade 4 literacy in social studies: New York City immigration

In this 4–5 week Common Core-aligned unit on Industrial Growth and Immigration, students will explore the complexity of the European immigrant experience in New York City during the early 1900s. In particular, students will explore the various factors contributing to Europeans' decisions to immigrate and their contributions to NYC. Students will explore the living and working conditions under which these immigrants had to endure or adapt. Students will then use this information to write an informational/ explanatory piece at the end of this unit. This history unit should be taught closer to the end of the year, after students have mastered writing from multiple perspectives, understand the structure of expository writing, and know how to read texts closely. A unit on local and state government will follow this unit on immigration. This task asks involves students reading and responding to informational texts, then writing an informational/explanatory essay reflecting the key concepts and enduring understandings taught during the unit on Industrial Growth and Immigration during the early 1900s.

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