Collaborative learning through peer inter-visitations: A toolkit for educators

Collaborative Learning Through Peer Inter-visitation: A Toolkit for Educators contains protocols, planning tools, and professional learning activities to support schools in implementing inter-visitation structures that support the needs of their teachers and students. Teachers can use these tools to develop their instructional knowledge and skills by learning from successful practices of their colleagues and supporting one another in reflective teaching practice through peer mentoring.    

Updates to the Second Edition

  • Strategies for Implementing Inter-visitations has been updated with additional strategies that school teams in New York City have used to initiate and schedule inter-visitations as part of their professional learning.
  • A new resource, Choosing an Inter-visitation Protocol, outlines considerations and possible uses for both of the protocols.
  • The Inter-visitation Protocol for Studying Peer Practice has been updated to include tips for focusing inter-visitations.
  • The Inter-visitation Protocol for Reciprocal Peer Mentoring has been updated to include steps for participating teachers to focus on student learning outcomes in the observed lesson.
  • A new activity, Reflecting on Student Learning Outcomes at the Lesson Level, introduces a tool to support both the host and visiting teachers in compiling and reflecting on evidence of student learning after an inter-visitation visit.
  • A new Sample Professional Learning Team Cycle Planning Guide shows how a team of teachers might introduce inter-visitations to their colleagues. 

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