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Cognitive Rigor Matrix: Rigor by Design, Not Chance

This resource, created by Dr. Karin Hess, provides resources supporting use of the Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrix to explore rigor in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The Cognitive Rigor Matrix superimposes two different cognitive complexity frameworks – Bloom’s (Revised) Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge levels – to produce a means of analyzing the emphasis placed on curricular materials, instructional focus, and classroom assessment.

This booklet contains Cognitive Rigor Matrices for Reading, Math/Science, Writing/Speaking, and Social Studies/Humanities. It also contains resources to support strategic scaffolding, and tools for looking for evidence of rigor in classroom observations and inter-visitations.

Danielson Framework for Teaching 1a: Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and PedagogyDanielson Framework for Teaching 1c: Setting Instructional OutcomesDanielson Framework for Teaching 1e: Designing Coherent InstructionDanielson Framework for Teaching 1f: Designing Student AssessmentsDanielson Framework for Teaching 3c: Engaging Students in LearningDanielson Framework for Teaching 3d: Using Assessment in Instruction
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