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Chapter overview of Formative Assessment: Assessment of and for Learning

This document outlines the objectives of each video chapter of the Assessment of and for Learning series. This series, led by the national formative assessment expert Dr. Heidi Andrade of the University at Albany, is the product of two federal grants: Artful Learning Communities: Assessing Learning, Transforming Practice, Promoting Achievement and ARTS ACHIEVE: Impacting Student Success in the Arts, a research project undertaken in 2010-2015 by Studio in a School and the NYCDOE’s Office of Arts and Special Projects.  The video modules are designed for teams of educators to engage in together. Teams may choose to engage with the modules in order, or select those chapters that align to their particular goals.

Danielson Framework for Teaching 1f: Designing Student AssessmentsDanielson Framework for Teaching 3d: Using Assessment in Instruction
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